Hundreds march in protest against racism in Cardiff

Anti-racism cardiff

Protesters took to the streets of Cardiff yesterday to fight against racism.

The march, organised by Stand Up To Racism, was held on the UN Anti-Racism Day.

Juhel Miah, a teacher from Swansea who was banned from entering the US on a school trip, gave a speech about his experiences. Mr Miah described how officials removed him from a plane in front of his students. He says it was because of his name and the colour of his skin. When asked if he would try to go to America again, Mr Miah said:

I always wanted to go to New York, ever since I watched Home Alone as a child. I’m not going to give up.

There were speeches from politicians including Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, Jenny Rathbone Cardiff Central AM, Jo Stevens Cardiff Central MP, and Deputy Leader of Cardiff, Sue Lent.

Leanne Wood said, “Intolerance is on the…

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South Wales Police no-show at last two Riverside PACT meetings

People in Riverside say they are disappointed that South Wales Police haven’t attended the area’s last two community policing meetings.

PACT – Partnerships and Community Together – meetings are designed to let people raise issues about local crime.

They are meant to take place six times a year at the South Riverside Community Development Centre.

But local people say there hasn’t been a representative from South Wales police at the last two meetings.

The South Wales Police website says ‘this process needs your voice to ensure we concentrate on the issues relevant to your area. If you don’t say, we can’t listen!’

Iona Gordon, Labour Councillor for Riverside, said she hadn’t been told in advance the police weren’t attending.

“It’s disappointing that the police haven’t come to the Riverside PACT meetings. I made a complaint to the police.

CJS News was at the most recent PACT meeting in Riverside. Local people raised issues including worries that cannabis was being grown locally and dangerous driving around schools.

Cllr Gordon says “it’s high on the police’s agenda to call the PACT meetings and they have to be there.”

South Wales Police say “It’s rare that the police are unable to attend.”