More than half a million people in Wales are deaf or have hearing loss

There are more than half a million people in Wales who are deaf or have hearing loss. It’s a complex group made up of some people who want to regain their hearing and others who are happy to live in a world of deaf culture where sign language is their passion and first language. We spoke to two people who have chosen to live contrasting lives.



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Benefit claimants struggle to find housing across Wales

Some housing benefit claimants say they’ve struggled to find private rental accommodation because landlords don’t want them. Housing charity Shelter Cymru say it’s a problem that affects a significant number of people across Wales… leaving them with few options. But some landlords say benefit claimants can’t always pay their rent at a fixed date each month.

Calls for more diversity training for medical staff

Healthcare staff would benefit from more diversity training in the workplace – according to a leading consultant. It comes as a group of visually impaired patients in South Wales say cultural barriers – including language and traditions – can cause problems when they’re speaking to doctors during appointments.