The New Normal with Adrian Masters podcast

What issues have been going under the radar because of the coronavirus pandemic? Listen to ITV Wales’ podcast The New Normal with Political Editor Adrian Masters:

The return of festivals: Green Man special featuring Fiona Stewart and PVA

Online abuse, whips & clubbing with Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds and Chris Elmore MP

Senedd newcomers and the first openly non-binary mayor

The big flag debate and the state of the union: What does the future of the UK look like?

Elections, conspiracies & the pandemic’s impact on women with Lauren McEvatt & Matt Greenough

Mental health, kinder politics & post-pandemic recovery with Jack Sargeant MS & Suzy Davies MS

Lib Dem politician Bill Powell is reunited with intensive care consultant Ami Jones who helped save his life

Andrew RT Davies MS, Welsh Conservatives leader in the Senedd

Maisy Evans, Poppy Stowell-Evans & Lloyd Warburton: Education and first time voting

Chris Evans MP & Bethan Sayed MS: Body dysmorphia and juggling parenting with politics

Natasha Asghar and Helen Antoniazzi: Politics, mental health and matchmaking

Keshav Singhal, orthopaedic consultant and Mymuna Soleman, Privilege Cafe founder

Eluned Morgan MS, Business owner Cerys Furlong & Headteacher Jason Hicks: Firebreak lockdown special

Ben Gwalchmai, Labour for Indy Wales & Claire Mills, Abolish the Welsh Assembly

David Melding MS and Delyth Jewell MS

Amelia Womack, Green Party & Cindy Ikie, Black Lives Matter

First Minister Mark Drakeford

Angela Burns MS & Dan De’Ath, Lord Mayor of Cardiff

Produced by Ciara Cohen-Ennis

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