Calls to change shopping habits that are ‘destroying our planet’

Every year, 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing goes into landfill in the UK.

Clothing has the fourth largest environmental impact after housing, transport and food, according to the organisation WRAP.

To make clothes it uses about 20% of the world’s potable water, the drinkable water – so that has a huge impact.

To make one pair of jeans uses about 7-10,000 litres of water – just one pair – that’s the same amount of water one person would probably drink in about five years. So just the impact on water is incredible.


To tackle the problem, several businesses in Wales are trying to create more sustainable clothes using recycled fabrics to help reduce the amount of waste, which could be damaging the planet.

After going to music festivals across the UK, Welsh fashion designer Beth noticed that hundreds of tents were being left to waste. Seeing them sparked the idea for her business.


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