A Weekend in the Windy City


With Monday 19th January being Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Roya and I decided to go on a weekend break to Chicago. We stayed at Hostelling International and took advantage of their complementary breakfasts…


Before we left, everyone in New Orleans kept saying, “wow, you’re going to be really cold.” But luckily for us, it was around 2 degrees celsius at its coldest (and is -19 as I’m writing this!) I actually loved the crisp fresh air and it had been snowing, so we had the joy of seeing the snow but it not snowing while we were there – so no sludgy gross snow to walk on or ice to slip on.

IMG_9282 IMG_9301

Plus, there were hardly any tourists around, apart from when we queued for the famous Garrett Popcorn, cheese and caramel flavour.


We tried to cram as many activities as possible into three days. These included visiting the Laugh Factory for a great night of stand up comedy, Primary nightclub (arrive late and be prepared to fork out for drinks), and the beautiful Chicago Cultural Center.


We also tried out the Chicago deep dish pizza, which was more like a pie. Sadly, I have to admit, I prefer the Italian thin crust. This was an individual size and I couldn’t even finish it!


Here are some of the highlights from our visit to the Art Institute of Chicago:

IMG_9165 IMG_9159 IMG_9153 IMG_9145 IMG_9129

The Navy Pier:

10959736_10153042764875575_6237331204291485610_n 10527799_10153042769615575_8746103102095837022_n 9009_10153042765585575_2312962819395237106_n IMG_9321

Millenium Park:

IMG_9116 IMG_9109 10313699_10153042771725575_977995871681234677_n The Bean

And the rest:



Buckingham Fountain


Skydeck Tower

I would highly recommend a visit to Chicago, it is an incredible city and I only wish I was there for a little bit longer!

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