The Cost of Giving

Great post on charity work focusing on the 5C’s charity that I volunteered with in Belarus

The Secularist Conversation

Written by Dafydd Gape

Co-written and edited by Stefan Rollnick

Picture this: You’re walking down the High Street and you see a young woman, early 20s, wearing a calm, friendly smile on her face. She comes up to you and asks how your day is. Your reply follows one of these templates: ‘No thanks, I’m busy’… ‘I’m actually on my way somewhere’… ‘Sorry, I’m really in a rush’… ‘No’.

This seems like a strange situation until you add the details that the person who came up to you was wearing a brightly-coloured waterproof jacket and holding a clipboard under her arm. As a society, we struggle to hide our scorn towards charity workers because they’re interrupting our day and getting paid for it. Maybe we feel that these workers are paid on commission and are only in it for the money. They don’t care about the charity they’re working for so…

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