The Indian Dowry


While I was working for the New Indian Express last summer, I interviewed the author Shiv Kumar Thakur. His first fiction novel, Price Tag on Love is about the dowry system in India, how it is still alive today and why it does not work. Kumar Thakur is an engineering graduate from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur and has since worked in the IT industry. However, his passionate opposition to the dowry system and racial discrimination led him to write Price Tag On Love, to make other people more aware of the problems dowries cause to everyone involved.

Kumar Thakur recently posted an article that was published in the Times of India, about a woman who was forced to give one of her kidneys to her husband as a dowry and subsequently committed suicide. Due to these kind of cases, more people should be made aware of dowries that are anchored in Indian society and the fact that something needs to change.

Learn more about Kumar Thakur’s novel by clicking here.



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