Birmingham University agrees to pay all staff the Living Wage

The University of Birmingham has announced that staff will now all be paid the Living Wage.

The announcement was made on 5 March via Twitter and in an email to all staff from Adam Tickell, provost and vice principal.

Tickell said: “The university and the branch executives of Unison and Unite are pleased to report that the current dispute over the 2013 pay settlement has been resolved. The branch executives of Unison and Unite will recommend to their members that no further industrial action be taken in relation to the 2013 pay settlement.”

He added: “For its part, the university has committed to matching the current rate of the Living Wage for the year from 1 August 2014; and to match the then current level for the year from 1 August 2015.”

Hollie Richardson, a second year psychology student, said “I’m happy about the staff being paid the Living Wage. It’s a good sign that the university has acted this way. Now maybe all the riots and strikes won’t need to carry on.”

The current Living Wage, which is £7.65 outside London, is still not paid at all universities across the UK.