Sights of Karnataka

The first three weeks of living in Bangalore have gone so quickly, I’m really happy to be here for two months instead of one. Two of the interns are leaving this weekend, which is pretty sad, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again!

Last Sunday, we went on a day trip to Mysore. We left at 6am and were all very tired and grumpy on the coach, but stopped off for a McDonald’s breakfast and devoured all their hash browns. We visited Mysore Palace and nearly ended up getting taken to the police station for photographing the inside, which was apparently out of bounds. The guards clearly wanted a bribe but we managed to talk our way out of it. The palace was absolutely beautiful, with a stained glass window ceiling with images of peacocks and the walls were covered in paintings. You weren’t allowed to wear shoes inside. At night, it gets lit up with millions of light bulbs and looks incredible.

Mysore Palace
Inside of a church in Mysore
Gardens of another palace

We also visited the zoo in Mysore. Some of the animals had a fair bit of space to move around in, like the giraffes, lions and elephants, but others were closed off in small cages. There were hilarious signs up around the zoo, depicting a person touching / feeding an animal, bleeding and then being dragged off by the police. At the zoo, a few of the locals asked to take photos with us. We were imaging them going home and showing their friends pictures from the day out ‘look, here are the monkeys, zebras, tigers, white people…’

I went into a place in Bangalore recently, a traditional Indian restaurant with little tables outside and no chairs or cutlery, where people eat quickly on the go. When I got to the counter and ordered a Masala Dosa, the guy serving looked like he was going to have a heart attack, firstly just because I had come into the restaurant and secondly because of my order.




We’ve been on some really good nights out recently. This is Sky Bar, on the 16th floor of a mall called UB City:



And this was a Derby after party that we went to with my friend, Haley’s boss, some other interns and his friends:


There was a live band and it was free entry, free drinks and a free Indian buffet. Something that I neglected to mention was that Karnataka has a ‘Cinderella Curfew’ of 11.30pm. Nights out begin around 8pm and end soon after, as you can imagine. This was enforced by the government a few years ago to keep crime and drinking down.

Following on from this, some places have now started to offer brunch with alcohol and parties that go from 11am until the curfew.This morning, I went to the Grand Mercure Hotel to do some wine tasting. The guys at the hotel showed me how to wine taste properly and even and funny way of bringing out the fruity flavour by holding the wine in your mouth and breathing in. Apparently this makes it go to your head faster. I met some really nice people there, including a girl who is going to study at Birmingham City University in September. She’s only twenty, but has been accepted there to do an MA. After tasting the wine, we tried our hand at grape stomping. This initially felt disgusting, but we got into it after a while and probably crushed about a million grapes.






On my way back to the hotel, I got absolutely drenched. Luckily I was able to get a rickshaw, but the traffic was awful and the roads were really flooded. Good old monsoon season.


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