Interviews, Reviews and Getting Lost

On Thursday I had my first day of work. After flicking through copies of the New Indian Express’ magazine, Indulge, I met the boss, Jackie and some of my colleagues.

IMG_3075IMG_3074 IMG_3073

Jackie quickly gave me three people to research and interview, one was a journalist turned chef, one was the director of a whisky advisory firm, and the third, a woman who started a business called Flower Box. On Friday at 11am I was due to meet and interview Sandeep Arora, who owned Spiritual Luxury Living, the whisky firm.  I asked Philip, another intern, to come with me, slightly worried that I may be asked to try some whisky, so soon after being ill. We were told that the place to meet Sandeep was nearby, so we got a rickshaw at 10:40am.


Unfortunately, it turns out that most rickshaw drivers have no idea where anything is, and surprisingly, neither do we or the majority of the locals who we asked for directions. Our search for number 1 Residency Road took an hour of walking after the rickshaw ride and even then we couldn’t find it. By that time, I had my boss on the phone crying ‘Oh, Lord!’ and Sandeep postponed the interview, as he’d been waiting an hour. Philip and I decided to go into a shopping centre to see if we could pick up any wifi to go on Google Maps (and ensure not getting horribly lost on the way to the next interview!) The KFC at the shopping centre did not have any wifi, but we treated ourselves to chips and a milkshake after the sweaty ordeal we went through of power walking across the never-ending streets of Bangalore.  Luckily, the next rickshaw driver we met was more competent and dropped us very near the Flower Box store. Megha Arya, the owner, was also able to give us clear directions on the phone. I was shocked at how quickly we found the store, arriving right on time at 1pm. Her shop was absolutely beautiful and smelled amazing, (in case you didn’t guess – she’s a flower designer). She offered us green tea and cupcakes as we came in, which we left over from her wedding anniversary the day before. Megha and her staff were really kind and welcoming and happy to answer all our questions. She had trained and mastered in flower design in Japan, Singapore and Bangkok, started her own business and has a family. Megha has already featured in Elle and Vogue, as one of five florists in India. It’s amazing to be able to meet these kinds of people in my first week of being an intern here. Megha was all about nature and spiritual life, moving away from artificial foods and clothing, etc.

IMG_3080 IMG_3083 IMG_3087 IMG_3091

That evening, Philip went to a restaurant with one of our colleagues to review the food. We have some incredible opportunities writing for the Indulge magazine, reviewing concerts, plays, restaurants and interviewing people. Philip also had a phone interview with an American actor who was in Chocolat. Fashion week is going on next week, so I’m hoping to get pretty involved with that as well, and some shoots and interviews have already started.

Some of the other interns have gone to a safari park this weekend, but I decided to stay in Bangalore, having not been too well. I’m planning to go to some of the markets with Haley tomorrow. She’s a photography intern and is doing some filming of the markets in Bangalore as an additional project while she’s here.

2 thoughts on “Interviews, Reviews and Getting Lost”

  1. You are a very good writer and I got a chuckle from your post. The rickshaw drivers not knowing where anything is, and asking other people who don’t know is universal in INdia! My husband did use is Google maps until the I Phone was stolen in Delhi! Drink mango lassi whenever you can, don’t eat anything from the street vendors, wash your hands often, NEVER drink the water….and eat white rice and bananas for Delhi Belly. You will be fine! Shop at FabIndia for great things to take home. I loved every minute of my time in incredible India! Namaste. . . . Anne….mostly about my adventures in India!

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