Live Review: Beyoncé

I saw Beyoncé live for the first time when she headlined Glastonbury Festival, but after several agonising hours on the phone trying to get tickets for Glasto this year, I was sadly let down. It seemed only fair that when Beyoncé tickets came on sale for her concert in Birmingham’s LG Arena, I deserved to get them. Waking up at 9 am paid off, and my friend and I secured our tickets, much to the jealousy of everyone at uni.

BBThe LG Arena was absolutely packed and everyone rammed in to get as near to the stage as possible. The support act was Luke James, who did a few covers of Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Despite throwing out flowers to the audience, his performance was rather dull, leaving everyone all the more impatient for Beyoncé to come on stage.

A video played at the top of the stage, showing Beyoncé and her dancers at a coronation, where Beyoncé was being crowned Queen. When it finished, the screen went up and B, her all female band and dancers opened with ‘Run the World’. At this point, the middle age woman stood in front of me began deleting pictures of cake and other food from her phone in order to make more room for photos of B.

Beyoncé changed costume a lot during the show, but each time there was a video playing on stage with clips from the Superbowl, her daughter, Blue Ivy, meeting Obama and other significant moments in her life. After each video, she would come back onstage in a different incredible outfit, like her sparkling blue jumpsuit, which she flew across the audience in, to get to another stage nearer the back of the arena. She proceeded to sing ‘Irreplaceable’ on the other stage, letting a few lucky, (or terrified) audience members sing along to the chorus with her. The middle age woman near me had now moved on to deleting photos of family members to save memory for pictures of Beyoncé.

When B started singing the Destiny’s Child hit ‘Survivor’ she flew back over to the main stage, (much to the pleasure of her real fans who had pushed near the front). Soon after, Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’ started playing, but after the crowd had counted down from ten, Beyonce began singing ‘Crazy In Love’ followed by ‘Single Ladies’. Needless to say, everyone had gone insane at this point and many people were going all out and doing the full dance routines in the audience.

The concert ended with ‘I Will Always Love You’ as a tribute to Whitey Houston, followed by ‘Halo’. It was really noticeable how the mood of everyone had completely lifted by the end of the show from seeing such an incredible performance.

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