Exams and Updates

Some golden quotes from the latest test:

5eme Essay (Year 8s) Describe Your Favourite Teacher

‘Dear Mrs Ndiaye. Mrs is a women she is small. She has the brun eyes. Her her is black. She as a small nose. Mrs is intelligent and good. She is happy in classroom. She is fantastic, super, excellent and kind. Mrs Ndiaye is extraordinary. She has nice yeux. She has very nice English than Mr Ndong.’

‘Ciara: she has a nice eyes, and a long nose. She is excellent. She is quite small. She love the student working. She is very intelligent, she has a long hair. She is very nice ciara. She is my favourite teachers to school. She live in Pays de Galle. She is a teacher of Joal in CEM Lamine Senghor. She like working she doen’t like the impolite. She is a very teacher. She like a peoples and students.’

‘My favourite teacher his Ciara. She live Wales. My teache is pretty. She is intelligent. Her hair is curly. She is a very wife. She is a long neck. My teache is a short mouth. Ciara she never polite because she is gentille. She working every way. She never work Sunday. Ciara speak English a few francais.’

‘My flavourite teacher’s name is Miss Ciarra. The teacher’s work at english. She is a smalle teacher’s. She has a big mouth, a nice denth, and a shot nose. She have with eye. A hair black. Miss Ciarra is in intelligente teacher’s and good. She is a teacher a school CEM Lamine Senghor and Santhie 3.’

‘He name Mr Drame. He is tallest the elephant. Mr Drame like the television and the ordinateur portable. He like the gils and the garcon in the school. He likes girls and doesn’t like hiphop. He is a long person.’

‘My teacher name is Mr Ndiaye. He has nice eye. He has a big ugly. He has big muscle. Ear big. He live in Joal. He don’t like basket and he like a football juice and banana. He has a very house and a nice bicycle. He is the best.’

‘My favourite teacher is Aminata. She is nice. She is polite. She is gentil and intelligent. She is big. She has a blues eyes. She a small nose and a long brown hair. She has a big oreilles. She is ugly. She like the students. Aminata is the best teacher.’

‘My favourite teacher is Miss Ciara. She is shot and her nose is long. She is a white person, she is taller than me. She is happy everyday and she is very fun. She is an excellent teacher who speak little french. She works everyday and she don’t miss it. Miss Ciara is beautiful like beyonce. She can sing and she can teach. She don’t like a student who is talking too and a student impolite. She likes a student who participate at class. She is a busy teacher and I enjoy Miss Ciara.’

‘My teacher is Ciara. She is very excellent. The is 23 years old. The live in England but she is in Joal. The have the long hair and old year. The is very nice, good, OK and no bad. The have a small nose et mouth.’

‘My favourite teacher is Miss Ciara. Miss Ciara is a very person. She is not black, she is an English. Her hair is fair; she is not taller. Miss Ciara is fantastic, intelligent. She expliques normal. She is an excellent teacher. She is friendly with the students.’

‘My teacher are a beautifully. My teacher like a scorpion. My teacher is as horrible as a scorpion.’

‘My favourite teacher is Mis Ciara. She is a Englishe teacher. She is tall, her hair is brion, her eye is whit. She is best and very beautifully she speakes slowly in the classe the student comprend good her lesons.’

‘My favourite teacher is Miss Ciara. She is intelligent like a Hare. She is as small as a coconut. My English teacher is excellent like Mme Ndiaye. She is as beautiful as a baby. She is short like Mme Nokia.’

‘This is a picture of my family. (no picture)’

‘At the moment Mr Sambou is very hungry.’

‘My favourite teacher is M Fall of mathematic. He has a (car – crossed out) taxi driver. He explique good and very good. He is ‘not cever’. He writes good in the board. He gives us the more exercise for home work. He is my favourite teacher in the school and my very favourite teacher.’

‘Mr Ba is the musulman became the Friday he has a mosque. Your finger is long.’

‘Good morning Miss Ciara, how are you? (goes on to talk about herself and family) Good buy Miss Ciara! She was very intelligent. Good!’

‘My name is Youssou Ndour.’

In other news! We went to a university Fosco in Dakar last weekend, which was very exciting. I text my friend Oumou about it to ask what we should wear. She said trousers, dress, whatever but nothing too short. Julia opted for jeans and me, leggings. I wore heels though and we had make-up and jewellery in case we looked underdressed. Mr T, our representative for Project Trust drove us there around 11 and we realise it was like a full blown prom. Guys in suits and girls insanely dressed up. Oumou on the other hand wore a mini skirt! So we felt a bit silly but didn’t get to many funny looks. The only other Toubab there was an oldish woman dancing on her own so there you have it. There were lots of good bands playing, plus DJ ‘Boobs’. Pape Diouf was the headliner and we did a lot of dancing before attempting to find a taxi at like 4am. This weekend, the German club have organised a street dance battle, buzzin. Then the weekend after that, we’re back up to Dakar for a Muslim fete, organised by a particular brotherhood where we have to wear all white. Looking forward to that. I went to the beach with some friends in Joal last week and we got stopped by a nun who warned us never to come there with boys (despite no boys being with us). On the beach, we did see some couples and my friends discussed how disgusting it was to bring your girlfriend to the beach and announced that the Senegalese were ‘dirty’.

To end this blog, just gonna say that Julia ate rabbit! To me it seems weird, but I’m sure people in other countries with Project Trust will have tried much more bizarre things…Everything seems to be coming to an end already, it’s a really weird feeling at the moment. Still got a couple months left to go though and we’re busy as ever!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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