Capital City

It’s our last night in Dakar before heading off to Kaolack on the sept places at half six tomorrow morning, early in attempt to avoid the worst of the heat. Today we will be doing a tour of the city with our lovely host, Mr. T. When we got off the plane on Friday it was absolutely boiling with strong winds and we could see the Renaissance statue in the distance. We then had to queue up at passport control and I was slightly worried, having forgotten my yellow fever vaccination record, which could mean being refused entry into the country. However, the police were very friendly and did not even mention yellow fever, so all was well. We then went to get our very heavy bags and were met by men trying to get a few euros from us in exchange for placing our bags onto a conveyor belt. Our hosts Mr. T and Amadou greeted us and we left on a rickety old sept places with the door hanging off, but it brought us to our accommodation safely. The food so far has been wonderful; rice and vegetables with spicy sauce, pasta and fish (which I managed to avoid yesterday, though I tried a little bit on the first night). For breakfast we have baguettes with nutella or the ‘laughing cow’ cheese spread. Last night we went to the beach and saw a beautiful sunset, the sun is about three times the size of the one in the UK. We swam in the sea and it was a perfect temperature. There’s been a few power cuts so far but what we miss the most is the AC, which comes on around midnight, allowing us to sleep!

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