Cardiff to Senegal

It is exactly one month until I depart from Heathrow to Brussels and then on to Dakar, the capital city. I will be staying in Dakar for two nights and then possibly staying in Kaolack for a little while before traveling to my new home in Joal! Accommodation for my partner Julia and myself has now been confirmed, so it is all becoming very real, exciting and nerve-racking. As a regular at my local GP due to the extensive list of injections, I went for a blood test today and have sorted out six months worth of anti-malarial tablets. I will be doing a three-week test of Larium to make sure I don’t have any negative reactions from it, but I’m told I will experience some vivid dreams, so that should be interesting. This weekend I will be going to Greenman Festival for four nights. I am taking the same rucksack, which will inevitably be full for just this short trip, with me for my year in Senegal. I’m not too sure of how often I will be able to access the internet and write in this blog whilst I am away but hope to give fairly frequent updates. So far, what I know about my project is that I will be teaching English (TEFL / TESOL) in a secondary school to students between the ages of 11 and 21. The classes each have around 60 students. In my training week with Project Trust, ( I was given constructive criticism after a practice lesson, which I taught about ‘what you do in your spare time’. I was told that my voice was slightly too loud when speaking to the class of six, (other volunteers posing as troublesome students). Luckily, I feel that this may be useful when attempting to address and discipline 60 adolescent Senegalese, non-English speakers. Anyway, I am thoroughly looking forward to my gap year and I want to thank everyone who has aided me in reaching my daunting target of £4950. Gros bisous!

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